22 July, 2018

What about making a getaway to the Ordesa National Park with its Monte Perdido, the first protected area in Spain and also a UNESCO biosphera reserve, instead of choosing a more popular destination such as a city or a beach full of people?
Any time of the year is worth a visit of the breathtaking views. Visiting a natural park in the Pyrenees is a changing experience depending on the time of year we choose. In Spring and Summer the whole landscape is covered with different shades of green and the temperature is soft, perfect for walking and hiking. In winter, although the climate is colder, the omnipresent snow gives the landscape a feeling of peace and wild stillness.
You will find abrupt relieves, green valleys, impressive mountains, waterfalls and woods. Ordesa offers a great amount of hikes. We recommend you start from Torla, where you will find enough information to move around the park.