29 December, 2018

Throughout early 2018, the Till family joined us to explore the different neighborhoods of Barcelona and try local food during one of our many tapas walking tours.

Happy to continue exploring the city, they also requested to visit Montjuïc with Francesco on August 26th.

Montjuïc, a hill on the south side of Barcelona, is a spectacular place to walk and learn about the history of 19th– and 20th-century Barcelona.

After meeting Christoph, Nora, their child Anatol and Nora’s parents, we started our visit with a tour of the 1929 International Fair area, before entering the former Casa Ramona textile factory (Caixaforum).

From its Catalan vaulted walkable rooftop we enjoyed great views of the many pavilions and monuments built specifically for the 1929 Fair.

We also visited the Pavilion of Germany, by Mies Van der Rohe.

After that, our tour took us up past the National Museum of Catalonia (MNAC), the former Botanical Gardens, and the fascinating 1929 Fair Farmhouse.

To reach the hilltop without tiring ourselves out, we boarded the Teleferic de Montjuïc (a gondola service) and arrived at the 18th-century fortress overlooking the port.

From its ramparts the fortress offers a panoramic view of the city, placing iconic landmarks at your feet.

At the end of such an enjoyable and fulfilling afternoon, the Tills decided to stay on in Montjuïc and reward themselves with some live flamenco music, an informal dinner, and spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea at sunset.

According to Nora’s parents, our afternoon tour in Montjuïc was the highlight of the two weeks they spent holidaying in Barcelona this summer!