• Parque da Arrábida
  • Chinchón
  • Toledo Cathedral
  • Herdade do Freixo
  • Vila Viçosa

Most travelers coming to Spain and Portugal spend a few days both in Madrid and Lisbon, each splendid and having a very distinctive personality. Much less, though, are those who choose to discover what lies between. The reward for such a decision is 500 km of wonderful surprises! We will start with the impressive Baroque palaces and gardens of Aranjuez. We will not miss charming Toledo, where the great painter El Greco lived and worked for decades. After an overnight stay in the so-called “Imperial City”, we will drive to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Cáceres, so fascinating and yet so unknown. We will then immerse ourselves in ancient history by walking across the amazing ruins of Mérida, capital of Roman Lusitania. The transition from one country to the next will be gradual. As we leave Spain behind and head towards the wonders of Portuguese Alentejo, we will notice both the similarities and subtle nuances across the border. We will stop over to enjoy the beauty of Monsaraz, a medieval town perched atop high cliffs. Later, we will visit a princely palace in Villaviçosa and then spectacular marble quarries in the vicinity. We will also taste excellent wines at a local winery, where contemporary architecture has been successfully integrated into a bucolic setting. To make our experience in the heart of Alentejo truly memorable, we will be hosted for a few nights by the descendent of the same Portuguese family that has owned the land for 8 generations. Sleeping and relaxing surrounded by orange groves and fields is just pure bliss. The Portuguese leg of our journey continues towards the Atlantic Ocean. We will visit the exquisite gardens and Palace of Queluz, where the very Portuguese azulejo tiles are a predominant feature. Finally, now almost at the end of our journey, we will be welcomed by the elegant town resorts of Sintra and Cascais, set along a beautiful coastline of sandy beaches and rocky headlands.

  • Private tour.
  • Duration: Four /Five days.
  • Category Art and History / Madrid & Central Spain / Portugal.
  • Private licensed and experienced guide.
  • Cost of lunches not included.
  • Appropriate clothing is required.
  • Fast track entrance to monuments/museum.
  • Entrance tickets reservation service included.
  • NOTE: Some Monuments and Palaces are closed on some bank holidays.