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  • Pamplona
  • Puente de la Trinidad de Arre
  • The way of Saint James

Our tour begins in Pamplona, known for the annual Running of the Bulls made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his novel The Sun Also Rises.

We will then travel to the small village of Roncesvalles, the starting point of what is known as the French Way (one the most popular routes of the Way of Saint James).

In preparation for our journey, we will spend the first night in the hostel-monastery for pilgrims of the 12th century Collegiate Church of Our Lady of Roncesvalles.

Over the next three days we will pass through wild landscapes and dense forests, stopping to rest at villages from another era such as Burguete, Hemingway’s favorite fishing destination.

We will cross crystalline streams by way of stone bridges, and retrace the steps of imperial Roman legions over ancient paved roads.

We will climb some steep and some not-so-steep hills, and our efforts will be rewarded with some of the most magnificent views Spain has to offer.

Spectacular monuments await us, such as the city walls of Pamplona or the six-arched Romanesque bridge of Puente La Reina.

For a few days, we will distance ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the city, and remember what it is to be lost in nature.

And when we can’t walk anymore, we’ll rest our weary feet in small rural hotels of great charm.

We are sure that by the end of this hiking experience you will feel mentally renewed and surprised at what you’ve achieved.

However, a few days are not enough to cover the 790 km Camino that leads to Santiago de Compostela.

At Unison Routes we will be delighted to welcome you back next year to arrange the next leg of the hike to Santiago!

  • Private tour
  • Duration: Five days
  • NOTE: The tour can be extended at the request of the client to include more stages of the Camino.
  • Category: Experiences
  • Private licensed and experienced guide
  • The guide, an experienced Camino pilgrim, will accompany clients throughout each stage.
  • Cost of lunches not included
  • Appropriate clothing is required (tips will be provided when booking the tour)
  • NOTE: Some monuments to be visited are closed on some bank holidays and on some Mondays.

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