24 December, 2018

This December the members of GASD, a group of engineers from Italy, have chosen to explore Lisbon with Unison Routes.

It is their second trip with us: they had such a good experience visiting Barcelona and Montserrat in 2017 with Francesco that they decided to see Portugal with us.

Our local expert guide Margarida has led them to the most charming corners of Lisbon, a city with a remarkable Atlantic personality and a recently forged reputation as an important travel destination in Europe.

We took in the sights and smells as we walked around the neighborhoods of Bairro Alto, la Baixa and Alfama, and took a tour to the past with a visit of the Belem monastery, a gorgeous example of 16th-century Manueline art and architecture.

For great views, the group traveled to the spectacular hilltop Palacio da Pena, just outside of Sintra.

We also wanted our guests to hear the roar of the Atlantic Ocean and so we had them walking down to the breathtaking Cabo de Roca and the Boca do Infierno, where the sound of nature is enough to make your hair stand on end!

In the words of Cesare, the GASD tour coordinator, “Everything was perfect, nothing wrong came up, it took some effort to organize but it was well worth it. Great guide, great restaurants. Interesting museums, well-defined and organized tour program, wonderful weather too!”