Unison Routes

We have founded Unison Routes with a view to assisting you in making the most of your travel experience, appreciating beauty to the fullest, getting an in-depth understanding of local life and having a lot of fun by doing this.

We believe that traveling with or without a budget is a great gift to treat yourself and your beloved ones to. It is a wonderful moment to relax and spend quality time with yourself, your family and friends. Visiting new places or seeing them again also offers us all the golden opportunity of understanding this world a little more and it enhances our personal growth.

We love traveling in our country and around the world and know that by doing this we have definitely  changed our lives for the better. We want our travelers to feel and say the same.


Meritxell Castell

Meritxell Castell

Born in Barcelona and long term resident of the city, she soon turned her passion for traveling into a profession by working in the aviation and travel business for 35 years.

An experienced globetrotter, she has visited more countries than most and has developed a special empathy for those who wish to experience a new culture and country.

Always helpful and ready to assist friends and colleagues with tips about special places and venues off the beaten track, she now devotes her energies to help travelers appreciate and experience the inherent beauty of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and the Mediterranean.

Her vast travel experience all over Spain, as well as Portugal, makes her an ideal travel planner for excursions throughout the Iberian Peninsula, including the world famous “Camino de Santiago”, which she has completed multiple times.

An enthusiast amateur sportswoman, she brings in knowledge on how to enjoy Barcelona and Catalonia’s wide offer of sporting  activities in addition to trekking and winter sports in the Pyrenees.

Moreover her background as a Law professional is an asset in the day to day management of Unison Routes.

Francesco Massucco

Francesco was born and raised in Italy where, very early, he developed a special interest in history, art, music and languages.He first came to Barcelona in 2005. From the very beginning, he fell in love with this beautiful city and since 2006 has called it home. He understood that he could further pursuit his personal cultural interests as well as his enjoyment of other people’s company by becoming a tour guide.

Since he obtained his official license he has enjoyed sharing his passion and knowledge about Barcelona and Catalonia. He loves to learn every day from his friends and clients the world over.His curiosity and multifaceted interests have led him to plan his own itineraries, with a view to assisting travelers in appreciating beauty to the fullest, getting an in-depth understanding of local life and having a lot of fun by doing this. It is for these very reasons Meritxell and Francesco have founded Unison Routes!

Before moving to Barcelona, Francesco lived in China, Sri Lanka and Lebanon for a total of 8 years. Multilingual, he is fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and even Chinese.An enthusiast traveler, he enjoys greatly traveling in Spain, Italy, Europe and around the world.